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The Unbound (The Archived #2)

13638131Such satisfying sequel, but still no end. I simply need more from this world. See more of the characters I have came to love so much.

Although I like Roland and Wesley more, I also love Mackenzie. She is not our usual, “can’t cry because that will show me weak”, “I am awesome” heroine.

There is more to her in that.

I also loved the slower beginning in this book. It had high school, friends, and too much anime feel. That I flew through the portion. Wishing I could just keep reading their everyday life…like forever. But thankfully still, the story started soon and was amazing.

In this part, the story still keep the focus on Mackenzie. Trying to grasp what she has just been through, juggling a new high school with a lot of new peoples. Thankfully the school was all just fun and all, no school drama or bully issues. Not that Mac was getting scared kind of girl.

There is also a surprise related to Wesley, not huge spoiler at all. It happens in first ten pages or so. But if you want to know what that amazing thing is, you will have to read the book yourself. 😉 Continue reading “The Unbound (The Archived #2)”

Book Reviews

Thoughts and opinions on “The Archived”

10929432Everyone needs this book in their lives. It takes something for a book to feel this important to me. And this book had it.

For me, any book that really moves me and takes special place in my heart need to have only one thing; interesting and vivid characters. Continue reading “Thoughts and opinions on “The Archived””