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Thoughts and opinions on “The Archived”

10929432Everyone needs this book in their lives. It takes something for a book to feel this important to me. And this book had it.

For me, any book that really moves me and takes special place in my heart need to have only one thing; interesting and vivid characters.

Schwab’s all character has this element. They feel alive, and mostly likable. This book had more of those.

I liked both Mackenzie and Wesley, even though romance in fantasy sets me off, I enjoyed the chemistry between these two. I even liked the villain, which I would rather not give away.

And don’t even get me started on Roland. He has quickly climbed my list of most favorite characters so quickly. In fact, he is right behind Castiel and Kelsier. 😀

So basically, in this book we follow a girl name Mackenzie Bishop who is haunted by her brother’s accidental death, moves into a new building. But there is a lot more to her than an average currently sad high school girl. She is a Keeper, who keeps a place called Archive safe. Where there is a persona sleeping of every person that dies. Every once in a while, one of them slips out and her job is to take her back in. Also to keep it secret, which is a pretty big deal in the book.

The concept is so strange it even put me off of reading it. I who hunt strange stories.

But once I started, it really flowed seamlessly.


On to the spoilers:

I loved this book so much I can’t just give a non-spoiler review. I want to talk about it. So I decide to introduce this new section. 🙂

I am really intimidated to go straight to the end since that part is so fresh in my mind. But I think I will backtrack a bit.

The book started quite slow in my opinion. Although it was interesting, but it took some time to really took off. By that time, I realized that the world building was really worth it. Since the book got so interesting it was hard to even put down.

I kind of felt betrayed at the point where Mac started having an affair of sorts with Owen. I was so much rooting for Wes, he is such an interesting character and more importantly, he was real. That I felt happy when Owen turned out to be the bad guy.

I also liked Roland from the start. He is one of those mysteriously interesting characters. I am really glad that Schwab kept him in such low profile to keep the air of mystery. And I also like his strange but cute ways of caring.

The memories of her conversations with her Da was also really intimate and let me get to know the character really well. Which I found really interesting.

The Archive was a really interesting place and although I didn’t found their secrets all that twisted, I enjoyed the reveals. Even though I liked it and it was interesting. I felt that the point of it wasn’t all that defined. Which felt like a missing piece in the book. What is the point of the Archive anyway?

But it still was a bittersweet moment to know that although Roland is long dead, his character isn’t going anywhere in the next book.

The fight scenes were also really intense and interesting. The heroine a really strong girl. I really liked the fact that most of the scoffed at YA tropes were used so right in this book.

Sorry to babble on for so long. But I loved it so much and had so much to say. It had some  plot holes and problems, but it was so good I didn’t even mind.

I can’t tell who played the roles in my mind for this book. Since it had a kind of anime feel, and it played in my mind just like that. So I didn’t thought of actors playing any of these characters. It was just like watching an anime.

Tell me your opinion about this book?



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