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The Unbound (The Archived #2)

13638131Such satisfying sequel, but still no end. I simply need more from this world. See more of the characters I have came to love so much.

Although I like Roland and Wesley more, I also love Mackenzie. She is not our usual, “can’t cry because that will show me weak”, “I am awesome” heroine.

There is more to her in that.

I also loved the slower beginning in this book. It had high school, friends, and too much anime feel. That I flew through the portion. Wishing I could just keep reading their everyday life…like forever. But thankfully still, the story started soon and was amazing.

In this part, the story still keep the focus on Mackenzie. Trying to grasp what she has just been through, juggling a new high school with a lot of new peoples. Thankfully the school was all just fun and all, no school drama or bully issues. Not that Mac was getting scared kind of girl.

There is also a surprise related to Wesley, not huge spoiler at all. It happens in first ten pages or so. But if you want to know what that amazing thing is, you will have to read the book yourself. 😉

Now, on to spoiler section:

First off, I will of course start with what I hinted above. Wes being at the same school. Honestly, it was such an ignored topic in the whole last book, I had never anticipated it. So yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.

Her whole nightmares thing was kind of over-the-top, but since it served the plot so I can’t complain much. But I really did build her relationships in good way. With her parents and Wes. Those scenes were really amazing.

I have to say though I was disappointed to see Owen the threat again. He was a good villain at the first book, but he didn’t felt threatening enough to use in two books.

But there is still so many loose ends in this series. I won’t believe if this is the last part.

We still don’t know anything about Wesley. Just hints. And there is this new character, whose name I remembered until starting to write this post. The director of the Archive. He seems promising enough. I want to see more of him.

Although the series would need a revamp in bad guy department. But there is so much to this world-building, a world with so many flaws. That it would be really easy.

So yeah, I loved the book, it was self-contained in many ways. But it still isn’t the end. I wish more from this universe.

Tell me: what do you think about this book and what more you wish to see?


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