Wrap-ups and TBRs

May Wrap-up!

This month was such an amazing reading month. I rediscovered tones of books that everyone has (and I should had) eons ago.

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone:

I know what you might be thinking, seriously? Reading this for the first time? and you call yourself a booklover? Stay with me, there are more baffling confessions to make. 😉

After that, I read;

2. Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz:

The plot of this book was interesting. Had quite some promise in my opinion. But it fall flat near the middle. Since nothing interesting happened for so long, it was getting tiring. Somehow I did managed to finish this book, although the interest of mine sagged. But I am certainly not planning to read any other part of this book…yet. You never know the inner workings of a readers mind.

3.  Uprooted by Naomi Novik:

It was my bookclub pick of the month. And it won Pulitzer while I was reading it, that made me feel really giddy for some reason. I enjoyed this book, four star worthy. But had trouble really falling in love with it. Maybe I had issues with the romantic subplot. Although it was kept really little. The world building and the airy feel of the setting was really interesting though.

4. Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo

This, I adored. To the deepest recesses of my heart. It had all the fantasy elements I love. Interesting plot, I especially loved the setting. The romantic subplot didn’t brought me much in though, but I didn’t mind that. There were so many things to love to be bothered by that.

5. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater:

As if some great stroke of luck had bestowed upon me. That right after finishing S&B, a blogger friend of mine recommended this amazing piece of literature to me. I devoured the whole book and can’t wait to have more, but I also have other reading plans that I want to catch up with, once I am over those books. I will marathon the whole series and talk with you guys in much details about it. Thanks for recommendation though.

6. Legend by Marie Lu:

Funny story, I started reading this only because I had a new tablet, and my laptop was getting repaired. And I had only this single book in my cloud at the moment which I copied and started reading just to pass the time until I get my Left back (that’s the name of my com, don’t ask why).  But even after Left was repaired, I kept reading this book. It was so great. Although I had quite a lot of trouble in romantic subplot. Totally unnecessary in this one. So I ignored it and focused more on the fun stuff. Love this book and will soon finish the trilogy. I want to read it ASAP.

7. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief:

Yup, this too I read for the first time this month. Awesome, hilarious, adorable, little big book. I mean it was little in size but has a huge place in my heart now. Already in my favs and will definitely recommend everyone else to read this.

8. The Fellowship of the Ring:

What did I say. This month was all about rediscovering the classics I should had read eons ago. But as for this, I am glad I read it now. After having grown this old. If I had read it before in my childhood, I wouldn’t had been able to appreciate the adventurous narration of this book. I am technically still reading it, so might not be suitable for this post. But it kind of matched with this month’s theme so much I didn’t wanted to keep it for next time.


That’s all for this month, tell me what other undiscovered gems am I missing and should read soon? Until next time.


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