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Quotes from Red Queen!

Here are some of the quotes from this book that stood out to me and I decided to share with you guys. But since it’s from within the book, it might contain spoilers.


  1.  “To look powerful is to be powerful.”
  2. This world is Silver, but it is also gray. There is no black-and-white.
  3.  “Never have I smiled so brightly and felt so sad.”
  4. “The people love nothing more than a leader promising victory”
  5. People, Reds, have a city of their own right here, hiding in plain sight. Electricity is scarce but smiles are not.
  6. Revolutions cannot be rushed.

Those are some of the quotes that stood out to me. Share with me what your favorite lines from this book was, I would love to know. 🙂



Aspiring to be author someday. I just love reading books and babble about them. Since nobody around me likes to listen about that, I decided to bug the internet with it. Lets explore the worlds of fiction together.

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