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This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab!

This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity, #1)This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Could suffice for a four star, but I will play my favorites card here. Since it’s Victoria or V.E Schwab (depends) we are talking about. This book took the well known conventions and tropes of YA in general and Dystopian in particular, and sprinkling a dab of Gothic literature, made a book which was completely new, totally creepy, and fun straight through.
This story is about a phenomenon rising after some time in the future. Schwab didn’t got much into defining history or making timelines. But the phenomenon is, in any sorts of acts of destruction, the survivor turns into a monster. There are three kinds of them, Malchai; the blood drinker; Corsai; the flesh eater, and finally, Sunai; the soul eater.
There is Verity city divided among itself by a wall. One is ruled by a ruthless human, Callum Harker. And has a daughter Kate Harker who just wants to be like her father and make him proud.
Other part is ruled by a righteous man, Henry Flynn. And he had equally self-righteous son, August Flynn. But only August isn’t human, he is a Sunai. Even though he is a monster, his upbringing and his heart is humane.
August is then send to an academy acting as human, to spy on Kate Harker just in case things get awry. Things do gets out of control, and the friend Kate had come to trust turns out to be the monster of nightmares. And the monsters start going on unrest.
Thus begins the running and gunning and dashing, all the thriller elements readers of thrillers adore, with added adrenaline rush from all these monsters business and August’s hunger… his hunger though, that always scared the hell out of me the most.
I really liked the world-building and am bummed that we didn’t got to explore it more. Because although it’s dytopia, which falls neatly in speculative fiction category, in the heart of it, it’s a thriller. Which meant fast-paced, which meant no time for world-building.
I also loved both POV characters, and minor characters were important and colorful in their own rights. Most of them adding something meaningful to the plot. But there still were some that was just products of their world, which added a lot more realism to the story.
The Academy aspect, however short lived, was the highlight of the book. And little dabs of technological advancements made it more interesting to read.
Overall, I adored this book. A perfect new addition to the bookshelves we all have dedicated for her. ^_^
If you don’t have one, it’s okay, we are still friends… or maybe not. -_-

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