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My Lady Jane by (bunch of writers)

My Lady JaneMy Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know, five stars may seem like an overkill. But to me, the last star is reserved for books that just made me tick. And for some personal reasons, I couldn’t review it on time. And I am still, after three days of finishing it, I am hungover it. I still miss these cute and adorable characters, their distinct and funny voices, and how relatable they were. Especially Jane, for me at least. And most of us Goodreads community can relate to the book-loving bookworm, socially awkward, yet fierce on their own opinions Jane.
A teenage king, a poet who is literally half-horse. And a Scottish thief. I don’t know what else can we ask for?
The story is silly, but the plotting and pacing intense. That makes it just more enjoyable.
The key to really enjoying, and getting this book though, is to not take it seriously. If you are in mood to take a step back, and have some pure fun. Without epic-themes or big arcs, then I will definitely recommend to pick this one up.
Really guys, we deserve some fun too… 😉

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