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A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham

A Shadow in Summer (Long Price Quartet, #1)A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I gave this book a three star mostly because it was a hard pill to swallow than the fact that it had anything to do with me not liking it. The book had an addictive but sometimes hard-to-follow writing style. And the names would overlap in my mind oftentimes. But other than that, there were a lot of things that I loved about this book.
It had a really addicting writing style, and the characterization and world-building were also well developed and interesting.
There were so many memorable characters in this book. Otah, Maati, and the old woman whose name I don’t remember.
Then again, I couldn’t quite relate to the plot. It felt everything was being overly dramatized while nothing much happening.
The story is basically about the world, where the magicians are known as poets and they can bind some arbitrary–not much explained being into human forms like regular poets bind ideas into words. The resulting creature looks like humans but have some powers and are called andats. One poet bound his self-loathing into a creature, and the resulting being had the ability to remove seeds from anything magically. But hated his master, the poet.
The trade of the city soars as a result since the andat can remove seeds from kilos of cotton plants in a second. But is planning a treachery to devastate the poet so completely, that he release his andat. The releasing of the andat can also cause the whole city’s economy to perish.
The plot has some good parts but is overly dramatized in a lot of times.
Maybe the next books do change that a bit. As far as I’ve heard, the series get better. And I will keep reading it for such an interesting writing style if nothing else.

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