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The Alloy of Law (Mistborn 4) by Brandon Sanderson!

The Alloy of Law (Mistborn, #4)The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“…I shot the guy who took your hat, though he lived. He’s probably gone by now.”
“you didn’t grab the hat for me?” Wayne asked, sounding offended.
“I was a little busy being shot at.”
“Busy? Aw, mate. It doesn’t take any effort at all to get shot at. I think you’re just makin’ excuses on account of being jealous of my lucky hat.”

I was kind of scared picking this one up just because of the nostalgia factor. Like I was just discussing with a friend, most books fall into second-book syndrome and yet this was the first book in the second series. How in the world would it live up to the place the original trilogy has in all of our hearts? But as the quote above suggested, I didn’t need to worry. If nothing else, this book is a promised fun ride.
For me, the selling factor of a book (or any work of fiction) is always its characters and their relationships. And I always appreciate when the author is thoughtful enough to understand that relationships don’t always fall in the romantic category. And that’s what Sanderson focused most on this book. Wax and Wayne are two friends, an adorable duo with tons of history and lots of wits. Their friendship just shines on the page. The way they seem to understand each other and the way they care for each other without showing it, that’s just plain beautiful.
And how could I forget to mention the brilliant Marasi? She is just so endearing of a character. The fact that she had queer interests but was still unapologetic of staying feminine was the selling factor. I am tired of girl characters who believe mimicking guys would make them more feminist. She was a breath of fresh air.
I also enjoyed the mention of previous characters. The funniest part was, though they used to be all friends and had worked together, nowadays the sects following them are so rigid and differentiated from each other. It’s fun to see how that branched out. The only problem was I was having a hard time understanding which religion was a follower of which character?
Elendel has become quite an interesting place as well. What with trains and the introduction of electricity. This whole book is just so brilliant and filled with nostalgia, it makes me want to cry.

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