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My Overly-Ambitious July TBR!

This is that time of the month again. Where I feel like I am some superhero (The Flash to be specific) who can chug down gazillion books this very month if only I put my mind to it. Since I know 2017 has been a bad reading year this far, I really want to change that this month. The need is almost physical and painful guys, so get ready for a long TBR post.

157491861. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before:

The first book I want to talk about today is actually the one I’ve already finished. I wasn’t planning to pick this book in any distant future, but the last part of this trilogy just came out and the hype surrounding it made me pick this one up. I ended up enjoying it way more than I even care to admit. I will post a full review on this book soon and talk more about it on my wrap-up.

This is a book about a girl named Lara Jean who is an Asian-American girl and has lost her mother. Ever since that incident, her elder sister Margot was the only mother figure she had and relied on. But now, Margot has graduated high-school and enrolled abroad in a college. Lara Jean is already scared at the prospect of living without this safety bubble when a hatbox of her’s gets misplaced. It wasn’t an ordinary hatbox. Lara Jean wrote and kept love letters to all the boys she ever fell for in that and secured them in there. Soon, she starts finding that those boys has started recieving her letters and her life goes awry. All the drama that follows is cute and I ended up enjoying it a lot. I am planning to continue this series soon, so you might find the next book in my August TBR, lol.

Not this month though, since this month, the only other contemporary I am planning to read it;

284585982. When Dimple met Rishi:

This is a book gaining a lot of buz in the bookish community these days. It is based on two Indian-American families. On one hand, we have Dimple, she is an ambitious girl fresh out of high-school and is looking forward to a internship. While her mother is forcing her to find an ideal Indian husband, she doesn’t want to care about marriage at the moment, she want to study and move on in her career life. (#relatable)

On the other hand, we have Rishi. Contrary to Dimple, he is a hopeless romantic and finds comfort in the Indian traditions and arrange marriage. So his parents send him to the same internship for the two of them to get to know each other.

Both of these didn’t sold me in this book as much as the fact that this story was mostly set in the environment of the internship and Dimple is an aspiring programmer. I really love books where we get a kind of career exploration and see behind-the-scene workplace drama. So looking forward to read this book.

And finally, its time to talk about the books I am really excited about. The fantasy part of this post.

72355333. The Way of Kings:

The first book in fantasy genre I am looking forward to read this month is this behemoth. I don’t know why I kept pushing this book back. I mean I know it is a whopping fourteen hundred plus pages. But this is fourteen hundred pages of Sanderson at his best (as far as I have heard). So this one was a longway coming, but I have finally started reading it.

This book has a really complicated plot, to explain it I will have to dwell into the whole Cosmere verse lore, so just take my word for it and get into this series ASAP. Since this series is exploding and will be hard to get into in the near future. Considering the prolificness of Sanderson.


I am getting into the bad habit of starting book serieses without following them through, so the next book is in the good hope to remedy that bad habit;

235473644. Knight’s Shadow:

The second book in Greatcoats series. I can’t really talk about this book much without spoiling the last one. This series is based on a world where the city has king has been assassinated and the country taken over by corrupts duchies. The protagonist is from the previous King’s special force called Greatcoats (the King’s magisterates). Though nowadays, they aren’t look up to as they used to be. And the characters trying to navigate this bleak world and reclaim the throne and lost glory of the kingdom.

This is a really fun book. If you like a lot of action and a good dose of sass, definitely read this book. Highly recommend this series.

Plus can we just appreciate for a moment how cool the cover is?

248762585. The Aeronaut’s Windlass:

I have been lately in mood to read some steampunk. So I decided to put this book in here just on impulse. To sate that need.

Jim Butcher is an author famous for his fun steampunks. And this is the first part in his latest series. All I know about this series is that it has pirates and magic, and a really unique world in it. This will be my first book with the said author, so I am super dang excited.

And the last book I really want to read this month is (finally we are at the end of this really long post);

297728636. Wires and Nerves:

This is a companion graphic novel series to Marissa Meyer’s famous Lunar Chronicles. I loved that series, marathoned through it last January. And I also love Meyer’s writing style. This book is based on a character from the original series, Iko. That’s all I know and I am super excited to read this one too.


So these are all the books I am planning to read this month. I am the most excited to read The way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Let me know down below the books you guys are planning to read this month as I would love to know. I will see you soon with a new post. 🙂


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