5 Fav Quotes: The Way of the Kings

Hey, Guys!

I’ve recently read and adored this masterpiece of a book and have not been shutting up about how much this book had an impact on me.

So I decided to share 5 of the quotes from this book that really stuck close to home. But read this post with caution since one can never be sure how spoiler-y a harmless quote can turn out to be.

1. …you’ll always find people telling stories about supposedly better days. You watch. A man joins a new team of soldiers, and the first thing he’ll do is talk about how wonderful his old team was. We remember that good times and the bad ones, forgetting that most times are neither good nor bad. They just are.”


2. Why was it that scientists were so excited to discover facts that farmers had known for generations and generations?


3. …men are unreliable in many things. But if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s their greed.


4. The most fragile period in a kingdom’s existence comes during the lifetime of its founder’s heir.


5. Ignorance is highly unusual, Miss Davar. The longer I live, the more I come to realize that it is the natural state of the human mind. There are many who will strive to defend its sanctity and then expect you to be impressed with their efforts.”

I have to admit that narrowing this list down to just five was the hardest for me. Since this book is filled is a treasure trove of amazing quotes, so I have decided to keep posting them on my Facebook page, (I am just setting it up so it is in a bad shape currently) head over there if you would like to read more of the amazing words of wisdom this book is brimming with. 🙂

Thanks for reading this post, please let me know down below what your favorite quotes are from this book or any other. 


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