Wrap-ups and TBRs

July Wrap-up!

Hey guys,

It’s that time of the month again. Is it only me or does July seem to have been flown by way too quickly? I think it’s only me.

This month, I have read quite a decent amount of books. A total of six. Although I really wanted to finish one more before writing this post, I am really happy with myself (considering one of these books is equal to three).

I am also starting a new thing from this wrap-up post. I don’t think I have seen anyone else do that which I am really excited about. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

The first book I finished this month was:

157491861. To all the boys I’ve loved before, by Jenny Han:

This book is first in a well loved contemporary trilogy. This book was cute and fun, I have written a full review here if you are willing to check it out.

Basically, in this book, we follow a girl named Lara Jean, who is a hopeless romantic and has a method of exorcising herself from all the crushes she catches in her life. By writing them a letter. She doesn’t send those letters to the boys, just keep them hidden for her own. One day, accidentally, all of those letters get sent and she has to deal with all the drama that follows.

I enjoyed this book a lot, it was light-hearted and fun. And ended up giving it a 3.5/5 star.   Definitely, recommend it.

The next book I finished this month was:

129546202. Falling Kingdoms, by Morgan Rhodes:

This was, unfortunately, a book I didn’t enjoy at all.  I hadn’t even had the energy to write a review. This might be an unpopular opinion, but it was written so badly. Even someone like me could catch so many grammar errors, riddled with telling instead of showing. The characters were weird. I am not even talking about the famous incest controversy. Like there are a lot of weird characterization without even that.

I liked the world-building though. The plot was interesting but still, not thoroughly executed.

I ended up giving it a 2.5/5 star.

The masterpiece I read afterward made the flaws in this book even more glaring. And that book was:


3. The Way of the Kings, by Brandon Sanderson:

This is when my month turned awesome. This book… I don’t even know what to say about it. I have posted a full review filled with a crap ton of gushing already,, not only that, I have also posted some of my favorite quotes from this book here.

So do check those out if it interests you, but take my word that this was an awesome book. The aforementioned behemoth, a book as long as three, but I read it so quickly because it was just so much fun. This book is Sandersonian magic at its best.

This book has a big cast of really interesting and deep characters, warfare, political drama, and basically everything a good fantasy requires. It has checked all the boxes whilst staying fresh, which makes it way more lovable in my opinion.

A 5/5 star read, highly recommend it.

After reading it, I was in the mood a lighter fantasy just to let the previous one sink in better, so I picked up:

160690304. The Winner’s Curse, by Marie Rutkoski:

This is a book set in a world where a nation has fought and took over a more powerful kingdom. Barely a generation in their newfound glory, we find our main character Kestrel. She ends up taking in a slave who had suffered his whole nation being taken from him on first hand, Arin.

He hates Kestrel because of who she is, she finds him intriguing. And a ton of drama ensues.

The fact I enjoyed the most was the fact that Kestrel was such an uncliched YA heroine. She is not good at fighting, she is a great politician and good at court (none of the YA heroines are), and she loves normal girlish stuff too. Finally, a character who doesn’t smash the fact on your face that to be cool, a girl has to act like a boy.

I ended up enjoying it a lot and gave it a 3.5/5 star.

The next book I read was:

54996465. The Way of Samurai, by Chris Bradford:

This is one of those books that I had always been looking for my whole life. lol

A perfect blend of Feudal Japan, Samurais, Academic setting, and interesting and cute clique. It has been quite a while since I last read a middle-grade, so coming back at it with a book this amazing just makes me super happy.

In this book, we follow a young boy named Jack whose mother had died and his father is a ship captain. Lack of trustable guardians makes it inevitable for his father to take Jack along with him in his most exciting expedition. To discover the Japans. Just when they are close to reaching it though, an unfortunate incident happens which ends up killing Jack’s father and his whole crew.

He is found alone on a shore and taken in a Japanese family of a samurai clan. From there on, a lot of interesting stuff happens. And when I say it, I really mean a lot.

I just loved how topics such as racism and feminism were touched upon briefly. In a respectful manner. While the actual focus is kept on the plot.

A 4.5/5 star read. I highly recommend it.

Now’s the time for the last book I finished this month:

284585986. When Dimple met Rishi, by Sandhya Menon:

This is one of the most hyped novels of recent releases. While I don’t think it justified the hype, it was a fun little beach read. Kind of a throwback to old Bollywood movies.

But still, it has diversity and Indian-American characters, an interesting setting (a programming con). I really enjoyed the blend of old Indian cultures in the new America. Especially the setting, with a small comic con, mention of Youtube and all the things that make this world new, mixed with old Orthodox traditions and there importance, that is what I believe made this book a delight to read.

A lot of people I know hated it, but for me, I enjoyed it quite a lot. So I do recommend reading it, but do that with the hate reviews in mind. Since I feel quite a lot of them are justified.

I gave this book a solid 3 stars.

Now’s the time for the aforementioned new thing I am about to start from this month. That is rating my whole month in terms of my reading experience.

Since I read six books this month, the total stars I had were 30. And the stars I gave to all of the books combined were 22.

It was a 22/30 month. Tell me down below how was your month in reading’s rating wise. And please share with me how did you felt about this silly new concept I came up with. 😉

Thanks for reading guys and I will see you soon with a new post.


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