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25 Bookish Facts about me!

This is a tag kind of post I saw getting really popular a while back. And I thought it was such a great way for you guys to get to know me better and really get the feel of this whole blog and myself in a single post, that I decided to write it down immediately.

Since I am about to do a lot of talking, (25 facts is a lot by default) let us jump to the crux of the post without further delays. 

  1. I read multiple books at a time.
  2. My favorite genre is fantasy (as might be obvious to most of you guys by now)
  3. I have a bad habit of reading the synopsis of the next part whilst reading the current one.
  4. I love talking and ranting a lot about the books while reading it. So without ever picking any book up for themselves, my brothers know quite a bit about famous authors and characters.
  5. I will always pick a book set in Japan. The best way to sell me on a concept it to tell me that it’s set in Japan.
  6. I will never get tired of the magic school setting.
  7. I read fantasy across all age-group genres. But YA is where I diversify to other genres as well, like sci-fi or contemporaries.
  8. I possess more books than I can possibly, reasonably, ever read. The last count was above 900! So yeah, I am a book hoarder and not apologetic about it.
  9. I love having some snacks while I read. Especially some hot drink.
  10. On the similar note, I love having food discussed in the book. Like the act of making it, or eating it. But that also makes me want to eat something and I don’t like that.
  11. I love me some book-to-movie adaptation, even if they disappoint me. Since my brothers only watch movies I can finally talk about my fav characters during dinner-time.
  12. I still haven’t completed the whole Harry Potter book series. Not because I am one of the few haters, but because I missed out on the trend back when I was young. I would breathlessly wait for the movies to come out, but the books just passed by me. I am reading them now though.
  13. The biggest dream of my life is to become an author someday and have my own books.
  14. Another dream of mine is to have anime adaptations of some of my favorite books.
  15. My favorite way to read is in paperbacks, but I like hardbacks much more appealing to look at.
  16. I almost always love UK edition covers better than the US ones.
  17. I have yet to listen to an audiobook. That’s a trend I am still missing on.
  18. I am the worst when it comes to predicting or theorizing. Like my theories are always miles off to what the actual book is about.
  19. I sometimes fear that I over-update on Goodreads while reading a book. But I feel it’s the best place to actually get your feelings down, isn’t that the point of that website?
  20. I love fantasy books with detailed maps. And recently, I have started to even go back to them again and again and actually study the whole political system. Talk about hard-core.
  21. It might make me sound heartless, but I don’t remember ever crying while reading a book. My biggest physical reaction is to get snappy at everyone after reading something awful happening to the characters, but I have yet to cry. Let’s see which writer will get the crown of making me cry for the first time! Muhahahaha.
  22. My biggest bookish regret is to be so far behind in so many famous and cool fantasy series.
  23. I don’t like ranting on books myself, so when I do end up doing it, I always feel bad afterward.
  24. Watching Booktube and joining Goodreads has immensely enriched my reading life. I will forever be grateful for that, and that is why I made my own blog to have the love shared with others as well.
  25. And lastly, I wish desperately to see more good books in Steampunk genre. I know I still have to read the ones that are already out, but I still feel that this amazing genre is getting way less love than it deserves.

Alrighty guys, those are all the weird and as most of you guys might be feeling, uninteresting bookish facts about me.

Let me know down below some of your interesting quirks and facts when it comes to your reading life as I would love to know.

And I will be back with a new post soon!


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