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Enchantment Lake (Northwood Mystery #1) by Margi Preus

Enchantment Lake (Northwoods, #1)Enchantment Lake by Margi Preus

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75/5 stars.
Copy provided to me by the publisher for review.

Enchantment Lake is the story of a young girl, Francie, in pursuit of the acting career in New York when during an audition she receives a call from one of her Great-Aunts. The mysterious call hints on something relating to a murder, she is terrified and gets off to her hometown. That being a small settlement near a lake. The settlement is so remote that they don’t even have a road yet.
There is a talk about making a road going around the town, but most of the old dwellers are against it as they rightfully believe it will ruin the charm of this town and taint it with the same technological era.
But most of those old people are dying, mysteriously. Francie gets drawn to the whole mystery without even wanting to, mostly because her eccentric great-aunts has started a rumor that she is a big detective in New York. While in reality, she only played the role of a detective in a sitcom. A situation which I found quite amusing.
I was actually quite surprised how subtly the theme started playing out in the second half of the book. The theme of forest destruction prevention. I think it was done really well.
The protagonist herself, and most of the other characters in this book is quite eccentric and fun to read. The smalltown setting was done really well, to an extent that I almost knew most of the town myself and seeing those characters would always bring that sense of familiarity. Managing to do that in so little pages is quite a feat in my opinion.
The one issue I had with this book was the small romance aspect. I didn’t like the character mostly because he was the only normal and sane one among all the weirdness. But also because he was just so perfect and boring. The romance aspect wasn’t much explored though, so maybe in the future installment, that particular subplot will enrich. For now, I am not interested in the two of them.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I found it whimsical and magical, albeit being set in our world and had no speculative aspect in it, the feel was still magical.
So I would definitely recommend this book to read. 🙂

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