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My Overly-Ambitious July TBR!

This is that time of the month again. Where I feel like I am some superhero (The Flash to be specific) who can chug down gazillion books this very month if only I put my mind to it. Since I know 2017 has been a bad reading year this far, I really want to change that this month. The need is almost physical and painful guys, so get ready for a long TBR post.

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June Wrap-up

Although I had a pretty ambitious start at the month, and had high expectations thus TBR for June. I didn’t read quite as many books as I would had liked. A grand total of books being three! So it’s obvious I am pretty bummed about it, but hey, there is always July right? Let us hope I read enough to get even with my Goodreads challenge. At this point, I am in such a low that I can’t be sure.

Now that you are tired of my bantering about reading goals, let me show you the books I read this month.

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