Review Policy

Hey everyone, if you want your books to reviewed by me. Here are some guidelines.

Review copies I prefer:

  • Finished printed copies (hardbacks & paperbacks)
  • ARC – Advance review copies
  • ePub or .Mobi files

Genres I prefer:

  • Mostly any YA
  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopia, steampunk or any speculative category
  • A little bit of contemporary

I am not much into romance or historical.

My reviewing policy:

I write honest review about how I feel about the book, but as an aspiring author myself I respect the author’s hard work too.

And if I especially like a particular book, I tend to add another lengthy booktalk discussions to invite readers to participate in enjoying the book together.

Rating system:



Looking forward to work with you!

P.S, I love books. 🙂